Update 1.01 is live

The first update to WINDSTONE includes a few things I forgot to add before I released the initial version, a bug fix and a few tweaks from suggestions made by the first play testers.

  • A few new item icons have been added. They are transitioning from the old set of icons to a new set and should all be complete and uniform within a week
  • More ambient night and day jungle sound effects have been added to developed areas
  • Added ocean SFX  along the sea shore
  • Waterfall SFX  to the waterfalls
  • More branches and stones are near the starting area
  • Footstep SFX are slightly lowered
  • More rocks, foliage and edible plants are underwater near the starting area
  • The bridge by the waterfall has been adjusted to make it less dangerous. Previously you could walk right off the edge of the bridge to your death if you were not above water, but now you have to crouch to get under the rope railing or jump over i

More updates soon!

Thanks to those who have already given feedback. 


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