Dev live stream tonight on Twitch

Join me at tonight around 9 pm central for the first developer livestream of WINDSTONE since it has been released on


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this game is amazing, i like that you dont have to buy it but it makes me feel scrubby by not putting in a price, i would advise some more advertising and in game micro transactions to keep the game free. if a game is popular enough, people will put money into it. PS. you should probably add a multiplayer/server system to keep people interested into this already well made game.

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Thanks 66 M9. Windstone is in very early alpha and was only made available for public download a few days ago. It will be free for quite a while, a few months at least, but a price will eventually be added to it.

Windstone will be a "pay once, play forever"game.

It would be great to make the game multiplayer or at least duo co-op, but that probably won't happen unless Windstone becomes popular enough to justify the resources it will take to do so. 

Thanks for your feedback and I hope you have fun playing.  A new update is going live in a few hours that fixes a bunch of current issues which will be posted in the update notes. Much more content will be added in the near future.

thank you for a reply, I will try to get windstones word out