Important Update 11 Preparations

Update 11 is going to include major changes to the landscape.  Once it goes live, a new save game is recommended but not required. If you choose to use your old save I urge you to move everything you own into your inventory and move all your buildings to the beach near the starting area and only build new things on the beach. Log your character out on the beach as well.

If you choose to use your old save but do not follow the above advice, your character and your buildings may end up underground, in the air or in an area no longer accessible or existent because of major changes to the landscape. I wanted to avoid having to do this but unforeseen necessary changes to the landscape to improve optimizations were necessary.

The mountains behind the starting area leading up to the dragon egg keep are going to be altered, but the beach directly in front of the starting area will be left untouched as a designated safe zone. This zone includes the area from the eastern village to the western village that was added in the last update. The entire peninsula directly south of the starting area that the dirt path leads to will also remain untouched. Some rocks and trees may be placed differently but the ground itself will remain the same in the safe zone.

I am delaying the update until later this week or weekend for players to prepare if they wish to continue their old save.

If you have any questions let me know. I will also be live streaming the new update before it goes live to show what is altered and what remains the same. If you want to make sure that your things are in a safe zone before the update you can refer to the live stream or the video that will be uploaded shortly afterwards.

Thanks to everyone trying out Windstone


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