Update 12 is live!

After a little break to gather feedback and wait for bug reports to safely continue development I've been working on Windstone again  over the past few weeks. Update 12  was scheduled to be a large one but unforeseen issues have caused the necessary migration of Windstone to a fresh project file in UE4 due to compiling errors. This caused a lot of settings to revert to default and a lot of combing through the scripting and play testing was necessary to get Windstone back to where it was in Update 11 and subsequently delayed the release and lessened the planned content of update 12. There may be unknown issues caused by the migration that may not be found until more testing is done. 

The raft functionality was the last known issue that needed fixing and is done but it still may be buggy. Feedback on the raft will be very much appreciated. 

Update 12 also has a few new changes including the most requested feature: click-to-attack instead of hold-to-attack. You can simply click once to punch, swing a weapon or harvest with a tool. Additionally you can hold left click to swing your weapon or tool continuously.

The Blue Cap Mushroom objective has been removed as it caused unnecessary distraction from other parts of the tutorial for many play testers. You can still find and use the mushrooms as normal on your own time.

Run speed while holding a weapon or tool has been increased from 75% to 90% unarmed run speed.

Although there may be other unknown issues due to the project migration, the only obvious change left to fix is the visual quality of the ocean surface. As it was not a priority, doesn't affect gameplay and I wanted to get an update out ASAP, I left this for another update. The migration caused the visual settings of the water to revert and will take some tweaking. It may change drastically as the former ocean surface was somewhat of a placeholder.

I know some of you were hoping for a larger update but this will be the start of much more frequent updates and I will address the issues and recommendations from feedback on this forum as a priority.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to playtest Windstone and give feedback. A big thanks to those who donated and for the streamers and youtubers who helped bring more players to Windstone.

Stay tuned for many updates more frequent updates in the near future.


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I'm loving this game and the only problem I have, so far, is not being able to adjust the mouse.  It moves too fast and makes me dizzy so I'm not able to play very long.  If/when an adjustment is added, I will be able to play longer to help give you more feedback of bugs.

Hi KKsGrandma, I plan to add mouse adjustment in the future but in the mean time you should be able to adjust your mouse sensitivity manually in your windows settings. Your mouse might have a sensitivity button on it also as most new ones do. Thanks for trying out Windstone.

Thanks for the quick reply and the suggestion.  I will check it out.

I am really enjoying the game. I have run into a few bugs where when I pull a tool up to use I can't swing (especially bad when in a fight) but found that if I switch tools and then switch back it works fine. I don't know if it is something you've thought about but the walk speed is extremely slow. I understand it if you're  exhausted but it feels rather slow when your  healthy. 

The building is fun and I'm enjoying the game. I don't know if farming was something that you had or had not planned. But I think Deforestation when building homes takes away from the atmosphere. Either I deforest the area I am building in or I deforest another area. 

I like the glider but feel if you are going to gain momentum when looking down the momentum should push you for a while when you lean up for some time. I understand it is only a tool until you get your dragon though. 

lastly I was warming the Dragon Egg next to a fire and then when it was done it gave me a message of 1hammer and some other text, I took it as hammer the egg once and then the egg disappeared and no dragon.