Build 21 - Hotfix

Build 21 is a hotfix that addresses some issues with the recent update.

An issue has been fixed that caused storage baskets to be inaccessible after moving them.

Building materials (walls and ceilings) should now be able to be moved after placing them. Hold right click to move (while holding right click, press Q or E to rotate and mouse scroll to move forwards and backwards) Double tap E to pick up a building material.

The mouse cursor should no longer disappear when using an item in your inventory or selecting an option in the item drop down menu while a storage basket is open.

Fixing the mouse cursor bug has caused another bug within the storage basket that I am trying to work out. This new bug makes it necessary to left click once on the storage basket menu to focus it. Double clicking an item in a storage basket will still instantly transfer an item to your inventory. The basket menu must receive a left mouse click first to allow the details popup, a right-click instant transfer or a drag to player inventory. This will be worked on for future updates but I believe it is much less of a hassle than a disappearing mouse cursor.

Thanks for playing Windstone. Any feedback is helpful to help improve development.

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Version 21 Jan 22, 2019


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