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Survive in a land ravaged by an invasive species. You and your dragon are Windstone's last hope. · By Threshold Seven


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Recent updates

Update 14 coming soon, New biomes and map development
Update 14 will include new areas to explore that consist of the large island to the south, a volcano biome to the west and a snow biome to the north. Desert and...
Update 13
Update 13 includes some bug fixes and a simple but much needed change to the building system. Building items that you place can no longer be accidentally picked...
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Update 12 issues, hotfix coming soon.
As expected, issues with update 12 have cropped up because of the project migration as well as oversights on my part. The raft and glider at the start were plac...
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Update 12 is live!
After a little break to gather feedback and wait for bug reports to safely continue development I've been working on Windstone again over the past few weeks. U...
Version 11 is live! Optimizations!
This update is primarily an optimization update. Nearly all models have had their poly count reduced dramatically and the landscape itself is optimized. The fol...
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Update 11 Delay
Update 11 will be delayed due to unforeseen compiler errors. The newly optimized build of Windstone runs great on my end, but when I package it for distributio...
Important Update 11 Preparations
Update 11 is going to include major changes to the landscape. Once it goes live, a new save game is recommended but not required. If you choose to use your old...
Massive Optimizations in Progress
After the first couple weeks of open alpha testing it has become apparent that Windstone is very resource intensive and needs to be optimized greatly. Windstone...